About the Perfumer

Parfums by Letty

Letty Maxwell has had a passion for fragrance since she was a teenager, which led her to explore and learn about the art of fragrance making while living in the United Arab Emirates and traveling the world for which she always made time to attend fragrance making sessions/classes.

In 2017, Letty decided that it was time to put her nose to the test and create her own line of fragrances. As with any tradition of perfume making, her fragrance line is developed by hand, creating every scent to packaging for quality and assurance. 

The raw materials used in the exclusive eau de parfums are extremely rare and exotic. Her selections are developed from the most exclusive international gardens located in India, France, Italy, and Egypt.

Letty takes pride in creating bold, subtle, and light notes of her scents. The focus is on blending notes that create certain feelings and evoke sensual moods.

She wants each customer to take their noses on an unforgettable olfactive journey with her signature line of eau de parfums.